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advanced illness

crisis guidance

About me

Initially trained in primary care medicine, I also received intensive training in bioethics, eventually leading to a master’s degree to supplement my MD degree. Intense personal experiences forged my willingness and ability to do grief counseling within my medical practice with listening and empathetic communication skills.  I have specialized and become expert in areas of medical care and counseling that are seen as difficult, challenging, and value-laden.


If these questions apply to you, I can help

Do you have many doctors but no one coordinating your care?


Do you have difficult decisions to make regarding your medical treatment choices?


Are treatments not effective and yet no one is giving you other options?


Do you want to stop certain treatments or medicines but no one understands or supports your doing so?





Do any of the above questions seem to apply to a loved one?


Are you stressed and confused in trying to understand what to do for a family member with dementia?





Would you like help in talking to your patients about a palliative care option?


Are you uncomfortable talking to your patients about a poor prognosis?


Are you uncomfortable talking to your patients about dying? 

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